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Newman Hospital

Phone: +1 (580) 938-2551
Fax: +1 (580) 938-2309
Admin Fax: +1 (580) 938-2659
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Chief Executive Officer - Ext. 5504
Controller - Ext. 5525
Administrative Assistant - Ext. 5504
Director of Nursing - Ext. 5506
Clinical Resource Manager - 938-5400

Department Managers/Directors

Business Office Manager - Ext. 5554
Director Laboratory Service - Ext. 5518
Director Medical Records - Ext. 5506
Director Radiology - Ext. 5513
Specialty Clinics Coordinator - Ext. 5540
Marketing Director & Community Liaison - Ext. 5529

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We encourage you to advocate for yourself and/or your family members. One of the ways you can partner with us to make sure that all of your needs are met is to speak with those providing your care any time you have questions or concerns. We also offer the following ways to communicate with us:

Discharge Phone Calls

A staff member may contact you by phone to check on your condition and ensure your safe transition home. Please use this opportunity to ask any questions that may have occurred since leaving the hospital. This is also a good time to address any further needs or concerns.

Case Manager

The Case Manager serves as a liaison between patients, families and all components of the hospital. You are welcome to contact him/her by calling +1 (580) 938-2551 during normal business hours. Compliments for staff will be passed along and are welcome. Complaints will be investigated utilizing the hospital's grievance management procedures and you will receive a response from hospital personnel.

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