Newman Memorial Hospital Takes In Evacuees from Town of Vici Nursing Home


As the brave firefighters worked tirelessly to bring the blazes that began last Thursday under control, the decision was made to evacuate residents of the Town of Vici Nursing Home.  Shattuck, OK became a safe haven for many of these folks as their administrator made the decision to move them to a safer place until the fire danger had passed.  17 of the nursing home residents and 1 Vici community member were brought to Newman Memorial Hospital, arriving just after 1:00 am on Friday morning.  An additional 15 residents were taken to the Shattuck Nursing Center.


Both of these facilities are required to perform a variety of disaster drills and have a disaster plan in place.  One of the eventualities prepared for is a sudden influx of patients.  The preparation certainly paid off this weekend as the beds filled up!  Missy Kuhlman, RN-BC, who is the Director of Nursing for the Shattuck Nursing Center & Board Certified in Gerontology, stated, “We just did our disaster drill a few weeks ago, so that really helped.  Overall it went pretty smoothly.  We all worked together and moved some residents to make room.  Extra staff came in pitched in…we just got it done!”