Pink Ladies


The Hospital Auxiliary is a non-profit organization of volunteers that we lovingly refer to as our “Pink Ladies”. These volunteers support and compliment patient care through their community service in our facility. The Snack and Gift Shop, located near the Main Entrance of the hospital, is open Monday through Friday from 9-3 and is staffed by these kind volunteers. They are always ready to greet you with a smile, conversation, assistance with directions or wheelchair assistance, if needed. This group is an integral part of the hospital and serves as ambassadors to patients, employees, visitors and the community. They help assist with the Oklahoma Blood Institute Blood Drives and other community events. In addition to volunteering their time, they have also raised funds to benefit the hospital, patients and visitors alike through gifts, such as a

new Surgery Carrier Bed and funding projects, like revitalizing the fish pond in the Reflection Room. If you have a few hours a month that you would like to donate to assisting others in our community, please notify one of the current Auxiliary members to discuss this rewarding opportunity.



Recently the Auxiliary purchased a new Surgery Carrier Bed to be used while transferring patients for procedures and also in the ER.

Pictured are: (L to R) Betty Elmore, Marilyn Schoenhals, Jean Freeman, Evelyn Caldwell, Mary Barnett, Jennifer Coons DON, Brad Bunsch CRNA, Glennis Myers, Fontella Manske, Nadine Douglass, Anita Stahlman and Betty Selby.

Not pictured are: Jean Barnett, Linda Wayland, Jean Foreman, Sharon Patton and Ginger Hennigh.

905 South Main Street Shattuck, Oklahoma 73858 Hospital: (580) 938-2551 Clinic: (580) 938-5400
905 South Main Street Shattuck, Oklahoma 73858 Hospital: (580) 938-2551 Clinic: (580) 938-5400