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Payment Options


Newman Memorial Hospital (NMH) understands the financial responsibilities a health care visit may place on patients who are insured or uninsured.  We are ready and available to help you navigate the options.


At the time of pre-registration, registration or discharge, the organization's Patient Financial Counselor will discuss the portion due from the patient. Since total charges may not be known at that time, the Patient Financial Counselor will discuss the estimated amount due. In the event an estimate cannot be provided, a deposit may be requested. The deposit will be applied to the account and a bill for total charges will be mailed to the patient.


We must ask that you settle hospital charges at, or before, discharge, either by insurance benefits, cash, personal check, or debit card arrangements. We also accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover credit cards. If you have made adequate financial arrangements upon admission, you will receive a courtesy discharge and will not have to stop by Patient Business Services before leaving the hospital.


If you have a question regarding a medical bill you received from Newman Memorial Hospital, you can contact a member of the Patient Business Services (PBS) Department, during normal business hours of 8 A.M. until 5 P.M., Monday through Friday by calling (580) 938-2551 EXT. 196. Please have your account number available. You can also call the PBS Department to request an itemized bill for your account or to request a summary of your open accounts.



Payment Plan

NMH provides a flexible payment plan with convenient monthly payments for patients who need to make monthly payments. Listed below are the payment plan options:


A twelve (12) month, interest-free, payment plan for account balances between five hundred ($500) and twelve hundred ($1,200) dollars.


An extended payment plan for those accounts greater than twelve hundred ($1,200) dollars may be established using an agreed upon twelve (12) to thirty-six (36) month payment plan. The use of this plan is subject to approval with the allowable payment period directly dependent on the account balance.


This plan offers combined billing so that all bills due can be combined into one convenient monthly statement. The organization's Patient Financial Counselor will review the contract and explain all the features of the program.


Contact the organization's Patient Financial Counselor at (580) 938-2551 EXT. 196 for more details.



Key Point

The NMH payment program will include only those services provided at or by Newman Memorial Hospital. This payment program will not include services provided by outside healthcare providers who may assist in providing your healthcare.  These providers bill for their services separately. Financial arrangements must be discussed with these individual providers.



Uninsured Patients

Uninsured patients are eligible for a twenty-five percent (25%) prompt pay discount if the balance is paid in full within 30 days of the first statement. The first statement will be sent following the date of service or discharge date from the hospital.



Financial Assistance/Charity Care

Patients who do not have insurance and the means to pay all or a portion of their bill may apply for Financial Assistance/ Charity Care. In general, patients at or below 180% of applicable federal poverty guidelines and other limited resources may qualify for hospital charity assistance. Patients between 181% - 300% of applicable federal poverty guidelines and other limited resources may qualify for a sliding scale adjustment (a reduction in the amount owed by the patient).


All patients who are unable to pay for all or a portion of their bill may apply for Financial Assistance/Charity Care. All patients who believe they may be eligible for Financial Assistance/Charity Care are encouraged to apply by completing and submitting a Financial Assistance/Charity Care application.  This form must be submitted within 6 months of the date of service or date of discharge from the hospital.


To obtain an application, assistance with the application or for questions regarding the Financial Assistance/Charity Care program, please come by Registration or call Christina Franks at 580-938-2551, ext. 196



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