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Last month, Newman Memorial Hospital sponsored a contest at Shattuck Elementary School to see which grade could collect the most Box Tops for Education.  Each Box Top collected is worth 10 cents for the school and the proceeds are earmarked to go to the Elementary Accelerated Reader (AR) Program.  This program helps teachers manage and monitor children’s independent reading practice by allowing children to choose books at their own reading level.  The idea is to encourage independent reading practice.  The child is allowed to choose books that interest them and read them at their own pace.  When finished, the child takes a short quiz on the computer.  This gives children and teachers feedback as to how well the child is comprehending what they are reading.  This information is then used to help set goals and direct ongoing reading practice.


All of the grades participated and together they brought in over 1,787 Box Tops!  The total amount raised for the AR program was $178.70.  That’s a lot of money when you raise it ten cents at a time!  The 3rd Grade class really shined in their efforts to collect and turn in Box Tops, bringing in 581 total!  Way to go 3rd Graders!  They were rewarded for their efforts with a Class Pizza Party.  NMH and Shattuck Elementary would like to thank all of the parents, family members and community members for clipping those Box Tops, checking expiration dates and getting them up to the school.  The 3rd graders won the contest, but all the children will benefit from continued enrichment through the AR program.