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Coming in May:  2018 Rural Health Conference


Want to nominate someone for an award from the Rural Health Association of Oklahoma?  The categories are as follows:


  1. Rural Health Advocate of the Year:  This recipient should be a tireless advocate for rural health issues.  The nominee has repeatedly demonstrated his/her commitment to rural health through grassroots efforts or policy changes.  The Rural Health Advocate of the Year inspires others to understand the significance rural health care plays for Oklahomans across the state by engaging (other) elected officials in discussions and promoting policies that support rural health care.
  2. Rural Health Leader of the Year:  This recipient should be an outstanding rural health leader who uses a comprehensive or unique approach to address a specific rural health issue; demonstrates an ability to guide others through complicated rural health issues to achieve a set goal, and/or creates a network or partnership with others to create programs or initiatives that benefit rural Oklahomans.
  3. Rural Health Educator of the Year:  This recipient has a proven record of educating rural health care students, current workforce or community members, or who has developed a successful and unique education program for rural Oklahomans.


To submit a nomination, click HERE


**Award Recipients are honored at the Awards Luncheon on May 22nd during the 2018 Oklahoma Rural Health Conference.  Nominations are due by 5 pm on April 13, 2018